“I don’t believe in treating wrinkles you can’t see

Making Izumo the first to come around has been a nice way to give a new perspective on one of the less utilized characters, and to give her and Shiemi a nice chance to bond a bit as well. Shiemi’s a bit of a blob still, but assuming they use this arc as a way to jump her off on the path to becoming a bit more of a badass, I can see her character benefiting in the long run.Well cheap Jerseys free shipping, you’ll note that I actually liked the episode; I was just remarking on the lack of a cohesive narrative to this single episode. While of course an episode of a series is by nature going to be a smaller piece of a larger whole, there is also a fair expectation for each episode to individually tell a complete story, however incremental an advancement of the overall narrative it might be.

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