Online Sports Betting

Sports betting is mentioned in a few of the oldest of surviving text books, so it has existed for as long as history accounts. In its modern form however, things are still rather new. In the 1930’s providers of betting odds such as Leo Hirschfield’s Athletic Publications, Inc. first appeared. These services utilized scouts, employed mathematicians and delivered odds to bookies via telegraph. In the 1940’s the point spread was invented and the first US legal sports books appeared in Nevada in the 1950’s. In 1960 South Australia legalized betting shops and, a year later, in 1961 the UK followed suit. By the 1970’s dozens of countries had legal sports betting, and if you didn’t live nearby there were bookies in almost every city willing to take your bets.

Sports betting became so popular in North America that by the mid 1980’s businessmen from all walks of life began moving to Caribbean Islands to set up toll-free phone-in shops where Americans could fund betting banks with credit card and get paid via check. As soon as the internet came about, sports betting online became the hottest craze. On January 17, 1996 Jukka Honkavaara of Finland made the first internet sports bet ever via Intertops. As early as 2001, mobile sports betting was available for a number of WAP enabled phones. Today online bookmakers provide a plethora of innovations such as in-play wagering, live steams, alternative markets and props. No doubt, the internet is now the most popular way to bet sports and this is exactly what our website Sports Betting Online covers.

What is our goal? Our goal is to provide the highest quality information about websites that offer sports betting online. While our company does get paid for this via affiliate programs and advertisers, if you navigate our website you’ll soon see we are no ordinary betting portal; we aim to fill a need. You see, factors such as where you live in the world, what your sports of choice are, what stakes you wager, what odds format you prefer, and a plethora of other factors change which online betting sites are most ideal. Our website provides that information in easy to access formats and navigation while giving away many betting tips we’re passionate about in the process.

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